Healing Process is a game by Sam L. Jones  (Eclipse JP), a story of recovery.

Our protagonist, a doctor and surgeon, has been through a series of events which have lead him to depression. After several failed surgeries, he feels as if his personal problems are effecting his professional life. Healing Process will bring to light the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters, and personalities will be based on serious research and anonymous real-world interviews.

The player will have one day to prepare our protagonist for one final surgery, a make or break moment in his career. Through various experiences, the player will improve the protagonist's happiness, relationship, knowledge, nerves and energy to perform the surgery.

The player can attempt the surgery at any time, but depending on their progress, the surgery will succeed or fail.

       A gripping and moving story
       Exceptional hand-crafted pixel art
       2D side-scrolling dungeon action
       2.5D (Think Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9) exploration of Tokyo
       Voice acting
       Real in-game clock
       Weather System
       Night & Day System
       Multiple endings
       An experience based on true stories
       A three hour long soundtrack!
              (Including Classical, Jazz, Funk, and music inspired by various cultures)
          More to be revealed soon...