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Healing Process is a game by Sam L. Jones  (Eclipse JP), a story of recovery.

Healing Process: Tokyo is the story of Charles, a doctor who started his own firm once he moved to Tokyo with his wife Miu. Sadly, Miu is involved in an accident while Charles is away at a medical conference abroad, and passes away before he reaches Tokyo.

Charles returns to Tokyo and continues his empty daily life. Months later, his surgeries begin going wrong, and he is forced by his colleague James who he brought to work in his firm from England to take a break and see a new therapist with a controversial but effective technique known as AST (Assembled Slumber Treatment) a type of Dream Therapy to help him with his chronic night terrors.

As for the actual gameplay, the player takes control of Charles through real places in Tokyo, meeting people and helping them with their various issues. They can then dive into the Dream World by visiting the therapist and guide Charles through his Dream World. Gameplay in Tokyo does not include combat or side-scrolling action, where the Dream World does. However, quests and helping people in Tokyo have a direct link to what is happening in the Dream World, and sometimes you will have to further remedy the issues of people in Tokyo to work through your own issues and progress in the Dream World.

The game is split into chapters, each corresponding to a new Dream World and new events in Tokyo. There are plenty of side-quests in both Tokyo and the Dream World.

The original trailer (2015 version) has been removed now since it really doesn't represent the game very well. For that reason there will be a new trailer 'soon'. Thank you! In the meantime please check out the videos and devlog.

  • A gripping and moving story
  • Over 100 Enemies to slay (or in some cases, befriend)
  • 200+ individually hand crafted areas (no tilesets)
  • Exceptional hand-crafted pixel art
  • 2D side-scrolling dungeon action
  • 2.5D (Think Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9) exploration of Tokyo
  • Real in-game clock, weather and night & day system
  • An experience based on true stories
  • A four hour long soundtrack!  (Including Classical, Jazz, Funk and music inspired by various cultures)
                More to be revealed soon...