New versions of the demo areas (Update #6)
March 5th, 2016. 15:05 (Tokyo).

As I (Sam) am now working on the pixel art , I thought it would be inappropriate to use any of the old assets in the demo. This means we are going to completely rehaul all of the animations and levels, and make the game fresh!
As you may be aware, this change from 100% 2D for exploration of Tokyo to a kind of 2.5D pixel art is something that brings the game that much closer to the way I originally pictured it (I am a big sucker for those old games like Final Fantasy 8 and 9 when it comes to level design).
That being said, here is a version of the OLD roof by he who must not be named, and a rough design of how the new roof will look. The detail will come later but, well, you can see that in the game when you play it :)

Development is going steady, and we are really excited for our first release.

NEXT TIME: "The re-spriting of Charles!".

Until next time,


The gallery is open! (Update #5)
February 14th, 2016. 23:16 (Tokyo).

We have finally gotten around to updating the gallery section of the website which you can find by clicking the link to the right. There are several pieces of artwork there by Ame Niho, and some levels / level plans from the game. We plan to upload more content regularly, and will make a note of it in each update. We are wondering where to go from here, but we will probably make a bios section for some of the characters from the game.

We have started to deal with the paperwork from Steam that will allow us to get the game up to sell later this year, however, we will also be selling the game on other platforms (including a DMC Free version here). If you have any requests for where you'd like to see the game being sold, please feel free to give us a suggestion by E-mailing me at .

Casey has informed me he is doing some writing for the website, so you can expect an update from him soon. I'd like to take the chance to make the next update a ramble about my inspirational artists / musicians / and games, so I hope that interests somebody!

NEXT TIME: "The games, movies and music which inspired Healing Process: Tokyo".

Until next time,


Tokyo Inspired OST Video Project! (Update #4)
February 13th, 2016. 18:36 (Tokyo).

So we have been discussing amongst ourselves what kind of development vlog would be the best for updating everyone on the progress of the game, and came up with two options,

A) having a regular vlog of progress, and our member's thoughts on the game, and

B) having our composer (myself) travel to all of the places that would appear in the game, and write music in those places, then making this into a video series.

EVERYONE who answered the question of which of these two options would be the most interesting answered 'B'. This means that next month we will begin filming for the "Tokyo Inspired OST Video Project". We have just e-mailed our second question out to the mailing list fans. If you are interested in being updated via mail and having direct contact with us, and influence over the game send an e-mail to '', with HEALING PROCESS: TOKYO MAIL LIST in the subject bar and we will add you in for following updates.

NEXT TIME: "The Healing Process: Tokyo Gallery grand opening!"

Site admin, Sam


New Level Design, from 2D to 2.5D (?) (Update #3).
February 8th, 2016. 23:25 (Tokyo).

Sam here. I thought I'd give a little insight into the level design process for Healing Process. Essentially all of the levels and layouts are planned on graph paper before making them. The measurements are pretty accurate.

Once the initial layout / plan of the level is complete, they're then scanned into the computer and I go over the lines in I am aware there are other more practical softwares for creating pixel art, but I like to stick with what I know works.

Finally, all important details, colouring and layers are added. We don't want the image to be completely static, so to achieve the parallax effect several layers remain. It's pretty simple stuff, but I am sure there are those who don't know about it.

If you'd be interested in learning more in depth information about pixel art or creating pixel art, feel free to E-mail and I'd be happy to lend a hand.

NEXT TIME: "Tokyo Inspired OST Video Project"

Site admin, Sam


The new and 'improved' site! (Update #2)
February 8th, 2016. 20:15 (Tokyo).

Welcome to the all new, simplified version of the Healing Process: Tokyo site! We will be updating as much as we can from now on, with new content, and hopefully without giving too much away. There will be various prizes to win, polls to take part in, and qustionairres to be answered, so please partake in as much as possible to make Healing Process: Tokyo a success!

We thank you all for sticking with us this far.
Site admin, Sam


'He who must not be named' has left us. (Update #1)
February 7th, 2016. 18:27 (Tokyo).

Our pixel artist has left us. Because of this, all pixel related artwork will now be done by director, Sam L. Jones.
This also means the work won't be limited to 'what can be done', instead, we will be able to explore areas that satisfy my imagination.
As if writing the soundtrack, thinking of the concept, and ordering everyone else around wasn't enough to do as it is! Oh well!

Here's the preview of one of the first new areas, Suginami, Tokyo.
I hope you enjoy it! Please send any suggestions or ideas to our FB group, Healing Process: Tokyo, or to !

Cheers, Sam