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All GameDev in Tokyo Episodes!

Sam ventures outside to find a ladder to climb for rotoscoping needs.

Sam takes on the challenge of trying to find a usable ladder in Tokyo

Sam attempts to go outside and write some music, but it rains
and he decides to stay inside and do some art instead.

I visit Suidobashi, Tokyo to get inspired.
Skip to 6:40 if you're just interested in the music.

The first ever Q&A Session with 2 winners!

A VERY happy new year announcement (for me) ;) .

I talk about what makes a great game.

In-Game Footage/Art!

A teaser combo and energy-ball animation used on one of the first more difficult enemies, Centaurpede.

I speedpaint a pixel level of the dreamworld.
I am quite proud of this video guys.

Random plant generation, now this is fun :) !!!

A speedpaint video of Suidobashi. People seem to like this one!